Drought Tolerant Wildflowers (sw)

Drought Tolerant Wildflowers (sw)


Perfect for water wise gardens. One packet each of the wildflowers we have actually observed to survive year after year in gardens without extra water.   Each packet comes with its own planting instructions.  $29.85 if ordered separately. 13 packets. 

ARROWLEAF BALSAMROOT - Balsamorhiza sagittata

ASTER, WILD MT - Aster occidentalis

BABY'S BREATH - Gypsophila paniculata

BLAZING STAR - Mentzelia lindleyi

BLUEBELLS, DESERT - Phacelia campanularia

DAISY, AFRICAN - Dimorphotheca sinuata

FLAX, LEWIS BLUE - Linum lewisii

GILIA, SCARLET - Gilia aggregata

GLOBEMALLOW, ORANGE - Sphaeralcea munroana

INDIAN BLANKET - Gaillardia aristata

LUPINE, SILKY - Lupinus sericeus

PENSTEMON, ROCKY MT. - Penstemon strictus

SUNFLOWER, WILD - Helianthus annuus

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