ISSI - the international seed saving institute

Saving seeds, seed saving education and permaculture

Our Mission

In one generation, we could lose much of the agricultural diversity humankind created in the last 10,000 years. We started The International Seed Saving Institute, a non-profit, non-governmental, educational organization, as a response. Central to our strategy is teaching the seed saving ritual, a ritual as old as civilization, a ritual in many ways responsible for civilization.

Basic Seed Saving Instructions!

Anyone, with little more work and attention than it takes to grow a home garden, can begin to re-elevate the gardening experience to a sustainable level.  Rediscover the importance, magic and rewards of saving seeds by browsing excerpts from Basic Seed Saving on the ISSI website.  You’ll find specific instructions for 27 vegetables.

Seed Traders Potluck

Every concerned farmer and gardener should attend an annual seed trading event in their region.  If you can’t find one, organize a seed saving pot luck dinner.  Once a year after the gardening season is finished, (November or December are great months), invite all the gardeners and seed savers in your region to come together to trade seeds and stories and important growing information. The ticket to admission should be a dish for dinner and some seeds for trade.  Post your event in the comments section of our Seed Traders Networkpage. We are composing a list of links to events nationwide.


ISSI has sponsored projects to help people become truly self-reliant in more than a dozen countries. We provide regionally adapted, open-pollinated seeds and the essential designs, tools and knowledge. We are now using Permaculture design principles to help people grow their own food and seeds.