Basic Seed Saving Book

Basic Seed Saving Book


by Bill McDorman. Seeds Trust, High Altitude Garden’s former president encourages you to discover the joys of seed saving.  Concise, nontechnical explanations for saving seeds of 18 popular vegetables and 29 native wildflowers from the mountain West.  If you have some open-pollinted seeds and this book, you can make it.  No more.  No less.  Seeds Trust, 1994, 48 pages.  Recycled paper. 

"(Basic Seed Saving) A near perfect blend that combines easy to understand step-by-step basics for the beginner with advanced info to fascinate even long-time 'savers' who thought they knew it all--written by one of the greats of the seed-saving, seed-selling world."  Mike McGrath; host of Public Radio's You Bet Your Garden, Editor in Chief of ORGANIC GARDENING magazine 1991-1997

"Nothing inspires me more than the quietly brilliant work being done by Bill McDorman, Seeds Trust and The International Seed Saving Institute. Bill’s Basic Seed Saving is a Number One Essential Guide."   Naomi Shihab Nye

"There is no substitute for hands-on experience, and we are fortunate not only for Bill McDorman's accumulated wisdom on this important topic, but for his wonderfully clear way of communicating the necessary information. If you want to succeed at seed-saving, this book is a must-have."  Teri Dunn, gardening author/editor, author of 100 Favorite Wildflowers and Potting Places: Creative Ideas for Practical Gardening Workspaces.

"Bill McDorman was onto the cultural value and pleasures of seed saving back when most of us were still sprouts. This elegant little guide (Basic Seed Saving) has the practical information of a master distilled to its essences.  It helps the novice quickly gain the competence needed to save and savor the world's food biodiversity."  Gary Nabhan, co-founder of Native Seeds/SEARCH, and Renewing America's Food Traditions, author, Where Our Food Comes From.  Alumni of Folsom Prison 1969

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