COLLECTION - Soviet Union Tomato Sampler

COLLECTION - Soviet Union Tomato Sampler


One packet each of our best selling tomatoes brought back on our trip behind the Iron Curtain in 1989 to the the former USSR.  The Soviet system with its "Dachas" allowed every citizen to have access to their own garden.  Almost everyone grew tomatoes and saved their own tomato seeds from the best-tasting, fresh-picked tomatoes.  It was probably the world's greatest genetics laboratory for selection for flavor.  We were lucky enough to bring back the seeds to more than 60 varieties.  This collection represents the varieties our customers have chosen over and over and over for the past 2 decades.  Each packet contains its own planting instructions.  5 pkts. $9.75 if purchased separately.

SIBERIAN TOMATO  - Early Siberian

SIBERIAN TOMATO -  Galina  (Cherry)


SIBERIAN TOMATO - Market Miracle

SIBERIAN TOMATO - Zaryanka Sunrise

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